A Much-Needed Feel Good Moment

We were watching football at the local sports bar (go Ravens!) when the urgent Nextdoor memo came through –

“Emergency pet shelter being established [just down the street from me]. In desperate need of blankets, towels and stainless steel bowls.”

After the game, we made a quick stop at Marshall’s so that I could pick up some towels to donate. As soon as we approached the former Home Depot where the animals will be received shortly, tears filled my eyes. The line of cars donating goods kept streaming into the parking lot. The open warehouse had a huge pile of crates,  enormous mountains of blankets and stacks of bowls. All within hours of the call for help.

Yesterday, I came across stories of the shitheads who abandon their animals. Today, I was reminded that shitheadery is the rarity and that most people step up and help those who need it.

And today, that sign of how much people do care was overwhelming. And I hope that when those frightened dogs and cats arrive later this evening, they can feel safe and loved in their temporary home.

Thank you for sharing!

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