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Two Apps I’m Loving Right Now

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Gratitude Journal

This easy-to-use app encourages you to take a moment each day to jot down what you’re grateful for. Each day creates a single entry and you can add as many bulleted items as you like. My favorite part is the ability to upload up to three photos. I’m finding that this feature helps me be more mindful through the day of what I’m grateful for as I look for suitable picture opportunities.

Not only doe this app help you focus on the good each day, it then becomes a searchable database of sunshine that you can reference on the cloudier days.

The app syncs between devices using iCloud and also allows you to share your entires via social media.



After tiring of my last meditation app, I was in need of something different. I doenloaded the freebie versions of several different ones and this one stood out. I’m nearing the end of a trial month of the full app, and I’m loving it enough to purchase a year.

My biggest complaint with many meditation apps is their lack of flexibility. I like to have options from day to day about the length of meditation and the focus of any visualization. I get annoyed when I am forced to be locked into a series of mediations or when all of the selctions are the same length.

This app has a huge selection of options that range from just a couple minutes to over 20 minutes. You have complete felxibility in how you approach them – you can elect to do one series at a time or you can treat it like a sampler plate. I’m currently doing the latter:)



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