Get My Motor Runnin’

It’s time to disconnect from my teacher persona for a time. I’m setting Mrs. Arends, the uber-planner and ultra-type-A educator, aside for a time so that I can reconnect with Lisa, the adventurous, may-be-afraid-but-will-do-it-anyway, side of myself.

And the summer of disconnection and reconnection starts tomorrow morning, when I fly to meet a childhood friend (that I haven’t seen since childhood) in her home state. I’m going to start my adventure by testing out roller derby, a passion of my friend’s and a curiosity of mine. After a (hopefully good!) night’s sleep, we will then be taking a week-long road trip to explore Southeastern Canada and the Northeastern U.S.

The planning is done. The packing is almost complete. And then it will be time to get my motor runnin’, head out on the highway and find some adventure.

Here’s to old friends, new journeys and the life-affirming thrill of adventure!

Thank you for sharing!

6 thoughts on “Get My Motor Runnin’

  1. DFMGhost – Writing to remain sane... During a rough period in my life I decided I wanted to write. This is the most personal I will get. I am also writing stories on Wattpad. They are not me but may reflect my feelings and thoughts.
    DFMGhost says:

    Born to be wild! 😀

  2. LOVE that you’re doing this!! A very big “one day” goal of mine, AND to visit a gf of mine near Seattle. Never been Northeast either….SUPER STOKED that you’re doing this, Lisa!
    Please unplug and forget all this social media stuff and ENJOY!!!
    Roller Derby sounds like it’s met its match with you!! You’ll be a natural!!
    Have a MAGNIFICENT time!!!

    1. Roller derby was fun even though I’m SO not a natural!

      The Seattle area is stunning. I hope you get to visit your friend their soon.

      Thanks for the well wishes. The true adventure begins today!!!

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