This is Different

I have words in my head again that want to get out. That are demanding to get out, in fact.

But they won’t be shared here. At least not yet.

For the last several years, I’ve poured myself into my published writings. I made a commitment to myself in the beginning that I would always be real. Raw. Uncensored and authentic.

And I have been open and honest in everything I’ve shared about my first marriage, my divorce, my healing process and my second marriage. I didn’t have to worry about a need for privacy because it was either about my own issues or about the (many) issues of he-who-shall-not-be-named.

This is different. For the sake of privacy, there’s a lot that I’m not comfortable sharing in a public forum without performing literary acrobatics that would polish away any rough edges and, I’m afraid, tinge my words with inauthenticity.

And just like I won’t threaten what is being mended by sharing too much, I also refuse to write what isn’t real. So some of those demanding words will be locked away for now, with the continued result of less frequent posts. However, as my world is slowly coming back into focus, some of those words and thoughts will weave themselves into other posts. Hopefully with increasing frequency. Especially because a lot of what I’m dealing with is so common (and often only shared in guarded whispers).

Several of you have expressed for concern for me. And I appreciate it. More than you even know. I’m okay and things are getting better. As I often advise, I’m making self-care a priority right now. And it feels good.

All this is a good reminder that when we get so focused on taking care of others, we can lose track of ourselves.

And that knowing things and recognizing them in others does not mean that you’ll see it in your own home and automatically put your knowledge into action.

A good reminder that life is all about learning and growing and doing better. Both by ourselves and for ourselves and with and for others.

It looks like I was onto something when I chose my screen name stilllearning2b all those years ago. Because I’ve learned a lot since then and in many ways, I feel like I’m just starting to learn.

And as always, I’ll keep you posted on my lessons. As long as I can be real about them. Thanks for joining me on the journey:)


Thank you for sharing!

6 thoughts on “This is Different

  1. Keep writing honestly to process what is going on. Even when you don’t/can’t share what you write, the simple act of journaling is helpful in sorting through thoughts and emotions, learning, and healing. You are certainly not obligated to post every thing you write — some things are private and only for you.

  2. livebysurprise – Liv is the pseudonym reformed divorcee and single mom - now married, coparenting and working mother of three. She's been featured on ScaryMommy, HuffPost Divorce, The Mid and More at
    livebysurprise says:

    I get you. Keep writing, just don’t share it all yet. It’s still therapeutic. And you’re awesome at it. Hugs hon.

  3. A Familiar Stranger – Middlesbrough, North East England – My name is Matthew Williams, single father to two wonderful children, making it up as I go along. I am a blogger and author. I started my blog, Love, Laughter & Truth, in December 2015 as I attempted to make sense of my rollercoaster life following depression, divorce, and my introduction to the weird world of dating. My first book, Something Changed: Stumbling Through Divorce, Dating & Depression, was published in paperback by Sixth Element Publishing in December 2017, and is available to buy on Amazon. You can find my writing at I hope to see you there!. Very best wishes Matthew
    Love, Laughter & Truth says:

    Take care of yourself and get through this, learn what you need to learn and let life be better for it.

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