Savoring Cabin Fever

My first-ever fall break (thank you school system!) happened to coincide with the arrival of several weather events that have made the week off anywhere from soggy to soaked. My intended plans (hiking, planting and general yard work and washing my car) were drafted prior to the forecast and had to be jettisoned once the preponderance of rainfall became apparent.

I briefly contemplated shifting my plans, but ultimately I decided to simply enjoy the molasses-pace of a week confined mostly to the house. My extroverted husband, who left on Thursday for his annual martial arts camp (so proud of him!!!), seemed horrified by my intentions to stay home alone.

I was excited.

It’s been a week similar to a sea-day on a cruise. Where the things I need to do only occupy a portion of the day and a delicious and the options of things to do are limited by the surroundings. I’ve been able to sink into yin yoga poses without feeling like I needed to rush off to complete something else. I stayed up past my bedtime to watch the Raven beat the Steelers (although I still woke up at 4:30 the following morning:( ). I’ve read through all the library books that the library would let me check out.

And then I reread an old book (Me Before You) before purchasing its newly-released sequel (After You). As an aside, I recommend these books for people struggling after loss. They have a way of speaking to the heart in an indirect an unfussy way.

I’ve burned candles to the base. Sipped endless cups of tea. Played bagpipe music at five in the morning and heavy metal throughout the evening. I’ve worn nothing except sweatpants and workout clothes.

I’ve cleaned out the area under my bathroom sink. Why is it in every single move I’ve ever done, this space always ends up being where I run out of energy and just throw everything down and let it turn into a mess over the years???? Oh well, at least it’s been tamed now.

I wandered through Marshalls and TJ Max and picked up a few shirts. I watched a few YouTube videos on hair and makeup and then, feeling empowered, went to Ulta, where I promptly felt inferior (and frugal!) and walked back out again.

I’ve eaten my weight in salads and pumpkin muffins (seriously easy and healthy – made from oats, cottage cheese and egg whites). And I enjoyed a GF grilled cheese and tomato soup (not healthy but seriously yummy) at a place down the street from me. After all, grilled cheese on a cold and rainy day is pretty much a law.

And I’m just now starting to feel restless. Maybe even a little bored.

And I’m savoring that feeling.

Because life is normally so go go go, that it’s wonderful to simply sit and savor one more slow day.

Thank you for sharing!

3 thoughts on “Savoring Cabin Fever

  1. Downtime like that (allowing one to recharge) is always a welcomed relief.

    We had epic rain here too this weekend and I decluttered like I was prepping to be the Key Note Speaker for a Minimalist Seminar.

    (My kids think I’m crazy….)

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