The Storm Before the Storm

Today was supposed to be the easy day. The calm before the storm of two weeks of standardized testing that begins tomorrow.

Instead, today was the storm. Literally.

Just moments after I commented on the dark clouds gathering outside to my 5th period class, the principal’s voice came over the intercom, announcing the tornado warning.

Instead of an easy afternoon, we spent over an hour trying to keep hundreds of 8th graders, lining the hallways like an endless line of two-legged dominoes,  silent and off their phones.

In between “Shushes,” I checked my phone for the most recent updates from my husband, where he was chased down to the basement due to the tornadic activity. Which happened to cross right over our area.

That’s a lot of hail!

It’s always crazy being the teacher in these situations. We have our own worries, but have to play it cool for the sake of the students. Or hot, in this case, as the hallways have no air conditioning.

I decided to change my warm-up for my last period class. Who says math isn’t applicable to real life??

Thankfully, the husband, the dog and the house made it through the storm just fine.

Big hail, too!

My plants?

Not so much.

It looks like my hostas have been ravaged by the world’s hungriest caterpillar!

They look like the kale after I put it in my Vitamix.

Ugh. Maybe I can convince myself it’s a reason to buy a few more this season?:)

I’m finally home and fed and squeezing my swollen calves with compression stockings.

Here’s hoping that this was the storm before the calm.

Thank you for sharing!

6 thoughts on “The Storm Before the Storm

    1. Thank you! I’m trying to remind myself. I’m actually trying not to look at my garden right now after obsessively watching it. Maybe it’s a good break:))

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    Liv BySurprise says:

    Yikes. Standardized testing. Yuck. 😉

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