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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

The Tide Always Turns

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When you’re standing on the shores of your life during an outgoing tide, all you see is your existence pulling away from you. The waters lap at your feet before receding, spiriting away your security and optimism beneath the foaming waves. The space that was once occupied by the lifeblood of the rich waters is now dry and barren-looking. Foreign and unwelcoming.

Yet the wonderful thing about tides is they always turn. Carrying life and promise on their crashing waves. As the warm water caresses your feet again and bubbles into the once-empty caverns. The arid sands are now but a memory deep beneath the flood.

If you are patient and aware,

The tide always turns.

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4 thoughts on “The Tide Always Turns

  1. You always know when to write something positively inspiring when I seem down. Thank you for your wisdom ❤️ We often get caught up in the now, forgetting about the why and what’s to come. ❤️

  2. Does the tide usually turn? Probably, but I t seems problematic to talk about the traumas that people experience in absolutes. For some, the tide may not turn, perhaps because it is too late or perhaps some unfortunate souls experience a compounding of misfortunes that are never counterbalanced.

    It is a pleasant thought; the idea that the tide always turns and all one needs is openness and awareness to experience such a turn but I think that sadly, reality sometimes proves to be crueler than that.

    1. I believe the tide can always turn in ourselves regardless of what circumstances may fall. I look to my grandmother as a model for this. She has endured so many traumas that could have easily made her bitter. Instead, she has become mentally healthier and more grateful with every year.

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