Gaslighting and Covert Abuse

Not all abuse uses fists or harsh words. Some abuse is sneaky, slipping softly into trusting ears and leaving its dark mark on an unsuspecting mind.

Whether you’ve been entangled with a narcissist or simply been manipulated by a selfish and deceptive person, the impact of covert abuse is horrific in both scope and duration.


Are you questioning if it qualifies as abuse? I know I never considered my ex abusive until I read the signs that make it clear that Covert Abuse, although not violent, definitely fits the criteria.


Part of what makes covert abuse and gaslighting so horrible is that they are so difficult to identify when you’re lost in the fog. Here are some Subtle Signs You’re Being Manipulated by a Covert Abuser.


We never think that we’ll end up in an abusive relationship. We always proclaim what we would do if anyone tried to control us. And then one day, we realize that we’ve been controlled for some time. That’s because abuse rarely happens overnight. It comes on by Slowly Turning Up the Heat: The Dark Side of “The New Normal.”


Recognize any of these? Here are Seven Strategies a Covert Abuser Uses to Tell Convincing Lies.


One of the more nefarious aspects of covert abuse is that the abuser will tell lies about you to your loved ones. And this Character Assassination can continue even once the relationship ends.


Gaslighting, when somebody replaces your reality with their own and makes you question your sanity, is utterly ghastly. I’ve talked to people who have experienced both gaslighting and physical abuse, and most have said that it takes much longer to recover from the mental torment. Here are 10 Reasons Being Gaslighted is the Worst.


After becoming a victim of covert abuse, some people find that they experience PTSD.


Narcissism has become much more widely known. Make sure you’re aware  of The Pros and Cons of the Increased Awareness of Narcissistic Abuse. 


When you’ve been gaslighted, your power and even your identity have been compromised. You CAN take it back. And it begins here, with The Importance of Finding Your Truth After Gaslighting.

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