Building Trust After Betrayal

You took a risk when you allowed yourself to love.

And somebody took advantage of your trust, using your good faith as a blindfold.

Maybe the decision has been made to try to repair the relationship and you’re wondering how in the world you can ever trust them again.

Or maybe the marriage ended, but the struggle to trust did not. And now you’re realizing that this residue from the betrayal can be caustic to your future.



One of the first questions I asked after my ex husband’s betrayals was, “Will I Ever Trust Again?” And for a long time, I wasn’t sure of the answer.



It’s easy to think that marital trust comes from having a trustworthy partner. But that’s not the whole picture. Why We’re Wrong When We Talk About Trust




The thing about trust is that you don’t really know how much you have until it’s tested. And many of the tests turn out to be false alarms screaming from within. Learning to Trust Again: How to Deal With the Triggers.



Learning how to recognize and moderate your emotional response is critical in the quest to rebuild your ability to trust. It’s important to remember that You Are Not How You Feel: 8 Ways to Create Space With Your Emotions.



Trusting again is possible. Here are Five Critical Ways to Trust After a Devastating Betrayal. It’s not easy, but it’s also not impossible.




It’s so totally unfair, but it’s also so totally true, that once you’ve been cheated on, you see things differently. I think this analogy (Of Horses and Zebras), usually used in the medical field, nails the feeling perfectly.



Of course, there is a Sweet Spot Between Naiveté and Panic.  A place where you’re alert, but not panicked. Aware, but not obsessing.



And then finally, there is this –Is Love Worth the Risk? Because even though love is the best, it always carries the chance of loss. Only you can decide what risks you’re willing to take.


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