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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

Three Great Resources to Help You Through Divorce

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What It Is This is a relatively new site (soon to be accompanied by an app) that seeks to be the “point person” for those going through divorce. It can be anonymous (in fact, they suggest you create a new email to use when you sign up) and provides relevant articles as well as discussion groups for everything from same-sex divorces to how to handle financial issues. It allows for the sharing of wisdom that comes from  “If I only knew then what I knew now.”

Who Will Benefit This site has great promise to be beneficial to anyone who has ever been touched by divorce, whether you just discovered your partner is leaving a few minutes ago to trying to work through unresolved pain years later.

What I Like About It As someone who endured an atypical divorce, I appreciate this site’s inclusiveness and diversity. Additionally, I am excited about the hyper-local information that can be shared about state laws and even what to expect with particular attorneys or judges. And finally, in a world where it feels like businesses seek to prey upon the wounded, this one really feels like one that wants to help.

With My Kids App

What It Is This app allows for you to privately document all issues surrounding your kids, from activities to expenses. It is designed to be shared with the courts for assistance in custody dispute cases and to help with co-parenting arrangements.

Who Will Benefit This app is indispensable for anybody who is facing a malignant divorce with children in the picture. It allows for the easy collection and display of data that can be helpful in court. And its use doesn’t end when the case does.

What I Like About It This app was created by three people who have been there, done that. They get it.

Guidelines For a Divorce Journal

What It Is This is different than the type of journaling I often discuss. These are recommendations from an attorney for a no-nonsense way of keeping records during divorce.

Who Will Benefit Have you ever been through the divorce process? Most people haven’t until they find themselves in the midst of it. The amount of paperwork is daunting (and so are the lawyer’s bills). These guidelines help you prepare and organize, which may make your divorce go more smoothly.

What I Like About It It feels doable and helps to focus your attention on what matters through the legal process.

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