3 Tips to Recover From a Breaking Point

We all have our breaking points.  Some are minor collapses, brought on by the stressors of the day piling up while our monkey minds run around screeching.  Others are near-fatal collapses triggered by loss or change.  Although these breaking points differ in scale and recovery time, the tips below can help you begin to plasterContinue reading “3 Tips to Recover From a Breaking Point”

Just Breathe

We have a habit (and, yes, that “we” certainly includes “me”!) of making things more complicated than they actually are.  Check in with your body; is it tight, constricted?  Breathe.  Visit your mind.   Do you feel anger, frustration, fear? Breathe.  Are your thoughts on a trip to the past or perhaps the future?  BreatheContinue reading “Just Breathe”