Why I Became a Tough Mudder

When I told my family last year that I had signed up (and paid good money) for an 11 mile obstacle run, I think their first response was to shuffle through their contacts looking for the psychiatrist I saw in the early months of the divorce.  “You’re doing WHAT?  Why?,” I heard repeatedly, usually followedContinue reading “Why I Became a Tough Mudder”

10 Things My Vibrams Taught Me About Relationships

My minimalist barefoot-style  running shoes have taught me about running and, in turn, about relationships.  Here is what I have learned: 1)  It’s Better to Feel What is Around You In regular running shoes, the thick outer sole prevents any contact between your foot and the ground; you are barely even aware of the differentContinue reading “10 Things My Vibrams Taught Me About Relationships”

The Synergy of Mental and Physical Strength

Which do you feel like you have more of: mental strength or physical strength?  Regardless of your answer, you can use your strength to address the area in which you have room to improve. How to Grow Mental Strength From Physical Use your physical attributes to set up situations where you gain confidence in yourContinue reading “The Synergy of Mental and Physical Strength”