Mindfulness is a Highlighter

Do you turn your gaze when you receive a shot?  Dream of a tropical island while you are on the dentist’s chair?  Imagine walking on the beach while you are crushed into the seats in coach for a cross-country flight?  Our minds are so good at these little disconnections, these travels away from the currentContinue reading “Mindfulness is a Highlighter”

Five Reasons My Cat is Smarter Than Me

My cat, who has been with me for the last 15 years,  has never been known for her intellectual prowess.  However, I had recently had to admit that she is, in fact, smarter than me for the reasons enumerated below: 1)  She Know How to Nap My cat can go from full-on gecko chasing modeContinue reading “Five Reasons My Cat is Smarter Than Me”