Tales From a Zumba Virgin

Did you know they make butt tassels?  As in tassels sewn to the back of a pair of pants?  The instructor’s rear had flying strings; I’m not sure if they were supposed to mesmerize or instruct.  Regardless, I bet they are uncomfortable on the ride home.  Just one of the ways I ways enlightened inContinue reading “Tales From a Zumba Virgin”

Ten Lessons I am Still Learning

One of the things I love most about my partner is that he sees himself as a perpetual student; he is always willing and eager to learn something new, even in an area where he is considered an expert. Last year, we were out at dinner with a group of friends.  One of our friend’sContinue reading “Ten Lessons I am Still Learning”

The Mathematics of To-Do Lists

Try as I might, I just can’t seem to figure out the mathematics behind to-do lists.  Sometimes the lists are brief, deceptively hiding the magnitude of the tasks that lie ahead.  At other times, the list can span for pages, yet contain not much more than a moment’s worth of work.  Sometimes  I look atContinue reading “The Mathematics of To-Do Lists”