5 Yoga Poses to Help You Through a Break-Up

We tend to think of yoga as something to do when you need to stretch.  The truth is that yoga is as much mental as physical, as much to open as to strengthen, and as much to release as it is to hold.  When we have suffered the end of a relationship, we hold ontoContinue reading “5 Yoga Poses to Help You Through a Break-Up”

States of Matter

Which state of matter best describes you? Solids are comprised of tightly packed molecules.  They are rigid, holding their own shape.  The atoms that make up a solid are stuck, their movement compromised by the proximity of their neighbors.  If you are a solid, you are fixed in your life.  Your environment does not impactContinue reading “States of Matter”

Anger is a Succubus

Anger.   It is so easy to go there.  To stay there. Why did he do this to me?  How could he have done these things? What a (fill in the blank with your favorite expletive)! That anger is a succubus; she’ll draw you in, tempting you, and then slowly suck you dry, leaving you brittleContinue reading “Anger is a Succubus”

Sometimes It’s About What You Can Reach

I was engaged in my usual Sunday cook-a-thon last week when I faced a small dilema.   I wanted the smoked paprika (fancy, I know) for the recipe, but it was out of reach.  I keep this particular item on the top shelf of the spice cabinet due to its infrequent use.  Normally, I simply climbContinue reading “Sometimes It’s About What You Can Reach”