Divorce is a death of a marriage.

A death of the future.

A death of your present.

And, in some cases, a death of the past you thought you had.

Like any death, there is an intense sense of loss. Of mourning.

I remember feeling the aching void left behind by his absence. I worried that I would never trust again. Never love again.

I feared the best was over and loss was all that was left.




If you are feeling heartbroken and miserable, these posts are for you:


It’s so easy to believe that the way things are right now is the way they will always be. But everything changes. Even suffering.




It’s tempting to try to avoid the pain. But you can’t outsource healing; you have to do it yourself.


The Heart


When you are in pain, the calendar can be your enemy. How do you handle anniversaries?


photo 1-75


The pain may have come in a great crashing wave, but it recedes like the tide, slowly and leaving pools behind.


For a time, I thought I would have to excise all memories of my marriage from my mind like some cancerous growth. It turns out that memories can remain while the pain fades.


Life Sucks


Are you thinking recursively or using input-output? It matters.


photo 4-54


We zero in on what we know and what we know is the past, the pain. Try making the belief that the best is yet to come at the center of your heart and aim your thoughts that way.




11 thoughts on “I Feel Sad

  1. I have felt so much sadness today an previous days on this vacation that it’s been hard to comprehend or put a name to it until I read it here!!!!

    Thank you for being here…On the. WWW😎

  2. Lots of sadness here. Just heartache of losing my partner who left me and not seeing my little girls ( 1 and 4 years old) everyday. Turning 40 in a couple of months. Coming out of a burn out and moving together to a new house and then she left me after 4 weeks of living there. So I just try to breathe and writing this at work. I like this part of yur post and will try to think of it whenever I feel like this:

    Try making the belief that the best is yet to come at the center of your heart and aim your thoughts that way.

  3. My heart broke, but God and angels mended it. However, I get persecuted daily for things that are not true-stripped of everything important to me, I had to lift my 4 children who we share (not really fairly) to the care of God. My heart has iron buckle around it and only God and helping others can mend it. We did love each other but I knew 3 years earlier when I got disabled that he was going thru the emotions. He lost respect me. 4 kids, full time work, small business, nanny, dinner, husband traveling, my addiction to anxiety meds, and wishing I could connect with my husband. I honored and obeyed his wishes. Now I find myself alienated from my kids, missing my x husband (illusion of his love, he berates me daily, calling me crazy). If I’m crazy, its because I put up with his abusive words and actions for too long. I really thought God would save the marriage, no doubt it was worth saving. Now all the lies brushed under the carpet, its a mess. I have to be the target of the problems in order to defocus on what really happened. Total betrayal of love and honor. He is a good man and I hope he finds true happiness one day.

  4. I’m 5 months into my divorce proceedings, going to end up at a trial and I’m sick about it all. I loved him so much but wasn’t good enough for him. Can’t get over it. So sad

  5. 13 years of marriage, twin 7 year old girls, and two years of separation, and now the impending divorce. I feel lost, but not prepared to lose everything.

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