December Reading List

These are all articles I've collected over the last few months that I wanted to share with you. Some are about healing relationships while others are about ending relationships or how to survive once it's over. Each one holds some nugget of wisdom that is worth passing on. So pour the coffee, pull up a chair … Continue reading December Reading List

Marital Debt Should Not Convey

I entered my current relationship with plenty of debt - both literal and figurative. When Brock and I first started dating, I was seriously limited by the financial repercussions of the divorce and was still hamstrung by the emotional fallout. It was impossible for those encumbrances to have no effect on my new relationship: I … Continue reading Marital Debt Should Not Convey

Starting Over

"I can't do this." "Why should I try again? I'm just going to fail." "Maybe I'm just no good at this." "I'm tired of trying." I hear those refrains from my coaching clients about lifestyle changes. I hear them from my blog followers about relationships. And, most of all, I hear them from my students … Continue reading Starting Over

Dating After Divorce: Common Pitfalls

dating after divorce

Are you dating after divorce? Here are some common pitfalls to be aware of -   I received a message the other day from a woman who was recently divorced after fifteen years of marriage. But that's not why she was reaching out. She was instead asking for help dealing with the utter devastation she was … Continue reading Dating After Divorce: Common Pitfalls

Feedback in Relationships

I had to deliver some staff development today on the concept of feedback in the classroom (please try to restrain your disappointment at not being invited:) ). As I was moving through the material, my monkey mind was making connections to how we give and receive feedback with students and how it relates to feedback … Continue reading Feedback in Relationships