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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

Starting Over

“I can’t do this.” “Why should I try again? I’m just going to fail.” “Maybe I’m just no good at this.” “I’m tired of trying.” I hear those refrains from my coaching clients about lifestyle changes. I hear them from my blog followers about relationships. And, most of all, I hear them from my studentsContinue reading “Starting Over”


You cannot outsource healing. You have to do it yourself. Therapy, journaling and medication are useful tools. But they are just that – tools. They only work if you do. Apologies and explanations may feel good in the moment, but they provide no lasting relief. That only comes when you allow it. Others who haveContinue reading “Outsourcing”

I Hate Mums

We walked into Home Depot the other day to buy a section of fence to replace the one that was splintered by the felled tree the other day (totally off topic, but you never realize how large those fence sections are until you try to carry one and you never realize how sail-like they areContinue reading “I Hate Mums”

Take Me to the Other Side

I have a person in my life who is currently in crisis, a breakdown at the intersection of environment and predisposition. A brain hijacked and a life on stutter. For the sake of brevity and anonymity, I’m going to refer to this person as A. But this isn’t really about A. It’s about all ofContinue reading “Take Me to the Other Side”

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