How to Dilute Your Bitterness


The end of a marriage, especially when it comes with infidelity, courtroom drama or excessive vitriol, is like taking a large shot of concentrated bitter. Bitterness comes when we feel a situation was unfair and outside of our control. It is fed by blame, when we feel as though someone else could have prevented the … Continue reading How to Dilute Your Bitterness

What Happens To the Ones Who Leave?

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What happens to the ones who leave? The ones who lie and deceive and then walk out the door into their next chapter without so much as a glance behind. Do they feel pain? Guilt? Remorse? Are they happy with their decisions and in their new lives? Or do they regret the choices that ended … Continue reading What Happens To the Ones Who Leave?

Releasing the Hook

It is so hard to let go of the "what ifs" the "I should haves" and the "he/she is a $#%@#." We know that progress is forward yet the rearview mirror often keeps our eyes off the road in front. If you're having trouble releasing the hook of the past, read this. I liked it … Continue reading Releasing the Hook

Turn Away

I frequently come across posts or emails written by people in the early aftermath of infidelity. The writings are often angry. Powerfully so, the words slashing across the screen like a serrated blade. You can feel the power, the fury. Each sentence an explosion of outrage towards the unfaithful partner, the affair partner and even … Continue reading Turn Away

Forgiveness 101

Forgiveness. That word is often tossed about in hushed and almost reverent tones. It is the holy grail of one betrayed. Have you forgiven yet? We feel pushed to reach that nirvana, yet we are unsure how to navigate the labyrinthine path that leads us there. Nor are we even sure that we would recognize … Continue reading Forgiveness 101