I know I was shocked when I first heard the news. I'll bet you were too. We trusted him. We respected him. We felt like we knew him. And then when the stories about his impropriety began to surface, we started to question. Not only his authenticity, but also our own judgment. Like so many … Continue reading Overcompensation

Covert Abuse

covert abuse

I've never thought of my ex as abusive. Then readers tell me they recognize their (very much abusive) spouses in my descriptions of my ex. And I wonder. I read a story in the paper about a domestic murder in the county where my ex and I lived and I always half expect to see … Continue reading Covert Abuse

Virtual Reality

He noticed her as soon as her entered. An older woman, well dressed, standing at the counter watching the gemologist examine a rather large stone under magnification. As my husband completed his transaction, paying for the new battery and taking possession of his watch, he couldn't help but overhear the exchange between the woman and … Continue reading Virtual Reality

What Happens To the Ones Who Leave?

leave divorce

What happens to the ones who leave? The ones who lie and deceive and then walk out the door into their next chapter without so much as a glance behind. Do they feel pain? Guilt? Remorse? Are they happy with their decisions and in their new lives? Or do they regret the choices that ended … Continue reading What Happens To the Ones Who Leave?

When Would You Want to Know?

Brock and I have been talking a lot about marriage lately - our own, others and just marriages in general. Last night, on the drive home from the last holiday party of the season, he asked, "If your ex had come to you and admitted he screwed up, would you have wanted to stay and … Continue reading When Would You Want to Know?