The Increased Urge to Check Up on Your Ex During Times of Crisis

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  1. Steph Stern says:

    Amazing advice. I hadn’t reached out but was tempted. Proud of myself for not doing so!

  2. Strong says:

    He reached out to me. Guess he forgot that he fired me for some daughter-aged floozie. (In case you were wondering… no response back from me).

    • stilllearning2b says:

      I guess the young floozie isn’t who he wants by his side in a time of crisis. Very telling. Proud of you for not responding!!

      A funny aside, my phone stubbornly kept trying to change “floozie” to “floppier”.🤣

  3. libternship says:

    LOL! Oh, so that’s the reason I received another recent random text. Who knew it was a common phenomenon? (I love your insights and wisdom!)

  4. An Explorer says:

    I want to check…but as my Good Doctor reminded me, “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”

  5. Greg says:

    Very much fell into this trap today. Isolation is very hard for those of us who are divorced, dads, and suffer from anxiety and depression as well.

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