Keeping Promises With Myself

One of my biggest regrets in my old life is how much I put on hold, waiting until “the right time” to take action. Because you know how it is, there’s always a reason that it’s not the “right time.”

As a result, one of the promises I made to myself post-divorce was to not always do the responsible thing. To sometimes decide to spend the money or take the time even when my more practical or anxiety-based self is warning me that I should save and wait and take the safe route.

And after paying off the parting gift of the debt my ex left me with, a large part of that promise has been fulfilled through travel. Since I’ve been able, I’ve done cruises to Alaska and the Bahamas with my husband, a yoga retreat in Costa Rica and two summer road trips with a childhood friend to Prince Edward Island and the Olympic Peninsula.

This year’s trip is even bigger (at least in terms of distance and comfort zones). In just a few days, I’m flying over (way over!) to Latvia, to spend time with the same childhood friend from road trips past.

I’m excited. I’ve really enjoyed traveling with this friend the last couple years and I’m looking forward to more adventures together. And talk about adventure! Not only have I never been to this area of the world, I don’t know much about it. In fact, when she first told me she was moving there, I had to reference a map to get my bearings.

I’m also nervous. I haven’t been to Europe (or anywhere outside of North or Central America) since I was 16. And that time, I was part of a school group with adult chaperones and a carefully-controlled schedule with plenty of tour guide assistance. This time, I’m on my own until I get to Latvia. Definitely a different feeling and a case for self-reliance.

I’m actually enjoying this nervousness. I spend way too much in my comfort zone (and in my classroom or my home office), so I’m looking forward to leaving those things far behind for a few days. I’m being my normal pragmatic self (trip insurance? check. various items ordered and ready to pack? check. books downloaded? check. airport maps analyzed? check.), but I’m also ready to let go and just be in the experience.

Ten years ago, I promised myself that I would no longer be content to patiently pass time in life’s waiting room, passing up opportunities because they were expensive or time-consuming or displeased someone else.

And I’m keeping that promise. One trip, one experience, one “yes” at a time:)


What promises to yourself have you been keeping?


Thank you for sharing!

3 thoughts on “Keeping Promises With Myself

  1. a curious firefly – Karin is intensely curious, which often leads to long journeys down the rabbit hole. Having spent much of her adult life expressing herself in the visual world, she is now exploring a new path in learning how to use her words.
    karincollin7888 says:

    What I have promised myself is that if I would like something—from something as small as a French fry from my friend’s plate to something bigger like an invite to a 4th of July celebration—I’m going to ask for it. It’s up to the other person to then say yes or no and I will accept their response with grace and gratitude. I’ve always stayed quiet, waiting to be asked but have come to realize that no one will ever know what I need or want unless I tell them.

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