Three Questions to Ask Yourself to Extinguish Your Divorce Anger

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  1. Seems like the longer my divorce drags on, the angrier I get. I will try these to see if they help a little. And go to yoga. 😊

    • nsymns says:

      Good luck! Seriously, mine was an eternity and all ended as it never should have. All I hoped for was Fair at the least. I knew “what” I was dealing with. A pathological liar that had me believing him 16 of 18 years of marriage. (last 2 separated)!
      I got the worst of the worst plus ended up buried with financial burden he just simply walked away from, & the judge let it be known she thought I was the gold digger.

  2. tobelknight says:

    This is great, Lisa. I can’t wait to try your exercises.
    I am the conqueror (I refuse to call myself a victim) of a Triple A divorce–Abuse, Adultery, Addiction (porn).
    I have tried to forgive, but that makes me feel like a co-dependent again. I realize working on my anger would be a better use of my time.

  3. Great post…as I’ve come to expect when I open yours… 🙂

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