How Do You Get Through Your Anniversary After Divorce?

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  1. SeekingGod2 says:

    Do you really have to mark those anniversaries? Time to mark some fresh new ones!

  2. Z. says:

    I purposely remembered the first one post divorce, acknowledged it for what it was and then made a conscience decision to not give that date any more energy or significance. I think acknowledging it that first time and allowing myself to mourn it really gave me a chance to let it be what it was.

  3. Just had my anniversary yesterday. I would have been married for 13 years. It was a hard day personally because no one knew or realized but inside I wanted to cry..

  4. Francine Harbour says:

    Today (Wednesday June 19. 2019) would have been our 40th anniversary. I have never remarried or even seriously dated. Now at 62, I’m being assessed for early dementia.

    The day after tomorrow, Thursday June 21, 2019, will be the 20th anniversary of our divorce.

    I feel sad and thoughtful both anniversaries, which I guess is less painful than being enraged and ripped up. With back-to-back anniversaries the grief is concentrated, but I get them over with at one time.

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