Four Surprising Emotions You May Experience When You’ve Been Cheated On

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  1. My biggest emotion was the sense of self-doubt right before, during and still sometimes in the after. He really did a good job of grooming me for that one, years of practice! It’s going to take a bit more therapy to redirect my self perception, I’m sure. And I think that sympathy is connected to self-doubt, because we’ve learned to doubt how we really feel about something or what the “right” way to feel about anything anymore. Links in a chain.

    Realizing now that he was most likely building a case against me all of these years, with his friends and family, and most likely even his coworkers, is more than nauseating. But it would explain the abandonment and deafening silence I experienced after we filed for divorce and throughout the entire process. Half of a lifetime spent building on these relationships, or so I thought, only to realize that they were never really my friends. Only the supporting cast and fan club of his one man show.

  2. oneyeartofixthis says:

    Thank you as I just found out today and feel everything you said. It is affirming to know I was not crazy and that I am not stupid because I don’t hate him

  3. Anonymous says:

    Excellent post! You nailed it with the unexpected emothions. Every day I heal a little more. Thank you.

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