Five Healthy Ways to Fill the Void After Divorce (And What to Look Out For!)

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  1. Hi – I relate to all of those, even the “unhealthy” ones. Not surprisingly the “building strength through movement” is the one that resonates the most. Getting physically stronger helps to be mentally stronger in ways you’d not expect.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can definitely related to the “Watch out for” and “try these instead”. Thank you for this article, actually ALL of your articles! What would I do without your words!

  3. Strong says:

    Lisa –

    You have again put into words these thoughts in my head that were spinning around like fragile paper boats in a vast whirlpool —

    Dating: “Giving in to this desire too soon is like going to the grocery store hungry; you are not going to be able to make good decisions.”

    Exercise: “It’s harder to feel vulnerable when you feel the increase in your performance capacity from week to week.“

    New project: “When you throw yourself into something that you enjoy and find success in, you breathe life back into the hole in your heart.”

    And then the last 2 sentences that sum everything up so concisely and eloquently: “As you create, you’re building scaffolding throughout that void left from divorce. Scaffolding that you can then use to begin to climb your way out of the darkness.”


  4. JoAnna says:

    Excellent advice! I thought I was ready to date after the divorce was final. I would’ve been better off with TV (not binge watching) and painting. Some of my best art was done after my husband left. But the rebound from hell distracted me from my best work and my best self. It all worked out though, after I took the time to find and love me again. If I could send your blog back in time to myself, that would help, too. But I guess I had to learn the hard way.

  1. December 29, 2018

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