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2 thoughts on “The Unfairness of Being Cheated On

  1. jvenable18 – Hello all. Welcome to Relationships Everywhere. The goal for this blog is to open the discussions for as many topics as possible in the relationship realm. This includes humans, pets and hobbies. We all express our love for life in different ways with our different relationships.
    jvenable18 says:

    Cheating is a major blow to the relationship. Someone failed to honor the commitment and trust that should have been the foundation of the relationship. However, once cheating has been exposed it will be the decision of the two people involved as to whether the obstacles can be overcome. I have personally known individuals who have recovered from infidelity with counseling and a renewed commitment. They said it was not easy, but they were not ready to throw in the towel. One couple even endured an outside child being part of the dilemma which is the most heartbreaking in my opinion. However, they are together today. Their relationship may, in fact, be stronger as a result of the affair. I say that to emphasize that cheating doesn’t automatically equal the end. Sometimes, both parties need to reassess where the relationship got off its hinges. Neglecting a spouse’s needs doesn’t let you off the hook, but it shouldn’t mean cheating either. For all who have encountered cheating, many variables must be assessed before walking away or deciding to stay. Pray that your decision reflects sound wisdom and what’s in the best interest of the couple involved.

  2. rifeparent – Ohio – I am a single mom, and as of yet have not decided how much of my life I wish to reveal on this blog. I sought this as a place to express myself, and as such may offend people. I don't wish for my opinions and personal experiences to negatively affect my career or my children.
    rifeparent says:

    I have been cheated on, it is possible to move on from that. Learning to forgive is difficult and painful, but a necessary part of recovering. Even if you don’t want to attempt to make the relationship work, forgiveness is extremely important for your future life. It will help you heal enough to be ready for whatever comes next.

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