Been Cheated On? 8 Infuriating Excuses You Can Expect to Hear

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  1. riri1124 says:

    Thanks for the timely repost…A reminder on the eve of the anniversary of the Worst. Day. Of. My. Life.
    “I wasn’t looking to leave you.” . . .

    • Hope the anniversary passed without too much fanfare. And what a line. Ugh.

      • riri1124 says:

        The hard part is (and it’s a very long convoluted backstory) that I still work where we both worked . And that entire week is just chaos and hubbub and craziness because there are several graduation ceremonies across the state and the whole week was just… Bob used to attend several of the ceremonies and that’s where he was, ready to meet up with his concubine, when I discovered their affair. Everything reminded me…😞But here I am🙌🏼

  2. Don’t forget the, “I was drunk!”.

  1. March 14, 2019

    […] Other times, I take the time to read the attached excerpt, and recently a post caught my eye from Lessons From the End of a Marriage, about the reasons a cheating partner may use to excuse their […]

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