Understanding Financial Abuse

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  1. Nikki says:

    I have known this to happen to people. Very sad and despicable. However, it is great that you have this information out here to help others.

  2. anonymous says:

    Agreed, nice info to share. I was the victim as well. It changed me forever. I can relate to needing to Have a certain amount of money set aside as a safeguard because of the fear and damage my ex caused. At one point, even under court order to touch nothing that was a joint account, my ex took all the money except 80 cents and my children and I were on welfare for over a year while I searched for work. I’m still getting medical collection bills that he was court-ordered to pay, 2 years ago.
    It’s one more form of abuse that leaves no outward marks for people to see, but it’s there. It’s real. And it causes lasting marks on a person’s psychiatric well-being.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My ex husband did that to me in a way. When he left I was constantly thinking how am I going to survive when we were barely getting by on two incomes. We struggled day to day, but really it was because he would spend our money on things I didn’t know about and justify it later. I saw what he was doing, but I went along with it thinking that eventually something would give. Eventually something did give. I found out he was cheating on me, again. This time there were no apologies or blaming me for forcing him to cheat. He said “she makes me happy.” Suddenly it felt like all this relief happened. Then of course I was angry at him for not telling me sooner. I later realized that he had to have a soft place to land before he leaves and now he finally had it. I tried to warn her, but she was blinded by love. She didn’t know he was currently married, so she was struck with the cheating too. For a while I kept denying him a divorce because he was still on the lease of where we were living and still on the loan for the car and other financial things involved. He paid that money to me, slowly, and even ended up paying all the expenses for the divorce. I thought I made out. I was so wrong. I found out he had left a balance in out joint checking account for money advances, so I paid that off. Then I looked at my credit and saw just how badly I was effected. Luckily some of it was due to fall off my credit and I started doing that and working on improving my credit. It was a very hard and overwhelming process, but you are right it was a type of down payment for a better future.

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