Changing the Reflection in the Mirror

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  1. Steve says:

    Hi. I read your texts all the time. Wondering g if you could help me. It’s been two years and I’m separated from my wife. I did not want it. She has moved in with my good friend and they were having an affair. My kids live with them mostly. I hear how happy they are. Rich -?he’s a millionaire. My kids seem happy with him.
    My issue is I wake up every day sad and lonely.
    I have a girlfriend but I hate not having a family anymore. I miss it so much. I worry I won’t get over it. I can’t seem to find happiness in anything. It’s always there. Holidays are hard. I miss my old life and can’t seem to accept this unwanted new one. It’s like I’m living a nightmare that I can’t wake from. I have good moments but that’s all they are. I like my girlfriend but it too doesn’t seem right. Please help if you can. Thanks.

    • stilllearning2b says:

      I am so sorry that you’re in this situation.

      It sounds like you could use something in your life that you can through yourself into. A healthy, but consuming outlet that can give you some purpose, confidence and distraction. Can you think of something that interests you that would fit that bill?

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