Why It’s Time to Stop Googling Your Ex!

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  1. Elize Rr says:

    that is a very brave-honest! wow! but yes, stalking is so relateable! hahhah! it’s cure to have something like this! i talk about this too in my blogs–the wishing they were miserable! hahha! but yes, thanks for talking about our human, devious side! but i think it’s so endearing–to be so trivial! keep them coming!

  2. Elize Rr says:

    i meant CUTE, not cure

  3. stormieday says:

    Well done. Very well worded. I have never googled my ex, but I remember right after he chose her over me going to his Facebook page and feeling so horrible because he was taking her to places that he 1. always took me, or 2. said he would, but never did. Pictures of them kissing – where my page never had pictures of us together. I, of course, deleted him as a friend and never had here as one. I’m still working on that part about comparing his life to mine. Comparing our relationship to theirs. Comparing his happiness to my depression. Still having that bitterness and wondering why I wasn’t good enough, but she is. (All of which I talk about in my blog). But awesome read!

  4. steven mcwilliam says:

    Thank you for this. It’s thanks giving weekend.
    I find triggers around the holidays hard. I asked my kids because we share them on holidays , if my ex had thanksgiving with her family. I knew the answer would hurt. My best friend replaced me and now sits down with my ex wife, her family for thanksgiving. It hurts to much to picture them all together, my kids as well. I feel so abandoned and discarded. She left me for my friend. Whenever I hear how wonderful they are doing it cuts.

  5. Emma says:

    I can relate to this. I often find myself googling an ex, a guy I was involves with in College. He rejected me in a really painful way and I still find myself ruminating on the experiance. For a long time he had no internet presence so I never found much on him but a few years ago he started a new career and he is everywhere now facebook, twitter, websites, videos etc. In the past I would think of him google his name and nothing would come up but now I have recent pictures, videos, updates on his life and career etc and having that stuff available to me allowed me to flesh out my thoughts about him and he sort of took over my head a bit. Ultimately it was about wanting to go back in time and stop the painful rejection happening and everything that it represented to me.

    I’ve blocked him completely now so I can’t even google his name and slowly but surely he is fading away again to the distant memory he should be!

    • stilllearning2b says:

      That makes so much sense about wanting to undo the rejection. Great insight on your part! And I’m glad he’s been re-relegated to the past!

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