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One thought on “Five Surprising Upsides to Being Cheated On

  1. great message thanks. I love reading your notes. Its two days until Halloween. My ex left me for my good friend and I have to pick up and drop my kids off at their new house all the time. I didn’t want the divorce and was blindsided. well I knew things were tense and that something was up with her but she wouldn’t tell me. Just decided in her own way then met up with my friend.
    anyway- Halloween– such a trigger. its now the second Halloween without all four of us together. the memories are so hard. I used to come home, put fun scary music on and carve the pumpkins with my two kids. My ex got home after me usually. Then she’d arrive, the kids are pumped, we’d have a chilli dinner with nice red wine. the four of us would go out (our area was inundated with kids- it was so wonderful)- then come back and count the candy. even meet up with friends in the area to trick or treat with. I loved it almost more than Christmas.

    now my son wants to spend some time with me and some with his mom. I/m alone with him in a not so nice area since the separation. Then have to return him to his other home.

    I feel so sad. its such a bad trigger.

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