These Are the Dogs of Our Lives

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  1. Bonnie payne says:

    I have a beautiful white akita. My son bought him for me for Christmas, my ex husband said NO you can’t have him. My 11 year old akita was dieing. He uses my doing something he said no to, that ruined our 29 year marriage, and caused him to lead a double life for 3 years. I even found a motel account. I was so hysterical, he nearly killed me, almost had a stroke. Through all the agony of betrayal, koji was with me the whole time. My son has promised to not let my unfaithful husband have my dog, should I die. He saved me, I love him more than anything, he is so loyal, he doesn’t miss his daddy at all, he sleeps beside me every night. A dog is every dog lovers saving grace. If I had my choice of him, or the ex, I would take the dog, he would never be unfaithful .

    • stilllearning2b says:

      He sounds like a beautiful and loving dog! Isn’t is amazing the loyalty they show and how adept they are at sniffing out someone’s character (or, in the the case of your ex, his lack of character).

  2. Julie Jacobs says:

    I am sorry for your loss of Tiger. I dread when that happens and pray that God gives me 20 more years, Barat is 13 now. My boy is an angel in fur, if it weren’t for him needing me as a pup, I would have never gotten out of bed after I was walked out on. I thank God for him every minute of every day….Barat and I are therapy dog providers and he has brought many a smile a giggle to patient’s faces. He is my rock and the more I get to know some people, the more I love animals 🙂

    • stilllearning2b says:

      I hear you – dogs are the best:) That’s so awesome that he is able to share his love with others!

      It is so hard to lose them. Tiger was only eight, so it really took us by surprise. We have a collection of cards from people that knew him – as many cards and sentiments as you normally see for people. It feels good to know that he made a difference.

  3. Wendy Burns says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful post. I can relate perfectly because I am going through a divorce and have two rescue mutts that have been a constant source of pure loyalty, comfort, and support. We recently signed a divorce settlement and I had to fight my husband because he wanted to share custody of our dogs. I wasn’t willing to do that because since he decided to move out over 1 1/2 years ago he has hardly ever seen them and has not contributed one penny towards the cost of their care. He finally agreed to give me full custody of the dogs in our settlement because I think he realized that if he didn’t, things were going to keep dragging on because I would not budge on this. I hate conflict so I was proud of myself that I stood up to him and was able to keep my dogs! I’m sure you must miss Tiger terribly, but so happy a new pup came into your life!

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