The Life You Had is Gone

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  1. Eoutlawed says:

    Great inspiring article!

  2. So much feeling – beautifully said. “I can’t build anything new until I release the old” – powerful!

  3. Bonnie payne says:

    I am still trying to believe things will get better for me. I’m living in poverty, he got our fabulous hose, I got a settlement and alimony, whooped. He changed my life forever, it’s hard for me to make lemonade out of lemons. I feel abandoned.

    • stilllearning2b says:

      I understand that feeling. I was there too. Just on the financial side – he got the house (and let it go into foreclosure with my name still on the mortgage), he paid $200 of the tens of thousands he was supposed to pay me and I paid $80,000 over 5 years for attorneys and his debt in my name (all on a teacher’s salary). I had to take a long view of it for it to be okay. For five years, I had to live very close to the bone. I’m just now, nine years out, starting to rebuild my savings and feeling good about my credit score. I decided to view that $80,000 as a downpayment on a better life and it was up to me to ensure that it wasn’t wasted money.

      He has changed your life forever. What you have now is your baseline. What you do from here is your choice.

  4. Onmywayup says:

    Hi, thanks for your blog, oddly enough the topic of your articles tend to match the way I am feeling when you write them. As many others that read your blog I went through the painful discovery of what a covert narcissist means a year ago now. I totally subscribe your article about the life you had is gone. That is the only way to move forward. That and trying to get excited about the new things and people still to discover, it is not over till is over. Despite the losses I try to see it as a gain for having recovered my life and being able to be surrounded with genuine people who don’t need to wear a mask and lie about who they are to themselves and to me.

    So, thank you very much, as you have been a place where I could go and read and feel somehow surrounded by others that knew how I was feeling. Life gets better without this kind of people, no doubt about it. Keep writing please. Inspiration is a powerful tool

    • stilllearning2b says:

      Thank you for your comment:) I’m so sorry that you needed this blog, but I’m glad it was here when you needed it.

  5. Leslie says:

    You read my mind and put it in words.. thank you..

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