Diving for Pearls

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  1. steve says:

    that was a great blog– that helped me as well. my ex wife left after 20 years – she’s now with my best friend. I still love her so much and wonder how long was she pretending. She says a year and a half before we split. but I have cards, dates, family functions that show otherwise. she must have been a good actor. people say it doesn’t matter now but it matters to me. Your blog helps. She did love me at one point. I just wish she would have told me about her thoughts of leaving me. Blindsided.

    still hurting after 1.5 years.

  2. libternship says:

    Another “pearl” of wisdom….

  3. I completely understand the need to let go of searching for the Truth. It will spin you in circles and leave you dizzy. It’s like many eyewitnesses to crimes- they are absolutely convinced of details of what they saw and are totally credible- but other evidence turns out to prove them as wildly inaccurate and sometimes unknowingly biased. Thanks for posting.

    • stilllearning2b says:

      The eyewitness comparison is a great one! I remember how eye-opening (pun intended!) an experience I had in 5th grade was about the fallibility of memory. A person came into the classroom and handed something to the teacher. A few minutes later, we were all tasked with describing everything we could about the person and the incident. The variety of responses was incredible. Then, the person came back in and the exchanged item was brought back into the open. We compared our memories to the reality. Nobody described everything correctly.

      • Do you think maybe part of it also may be that in some way it is soothing, searching for the “truth” during a time of great stress? Like searching for a way to fix something that just isn’t fixable? I do know that when I finally stopped searching for reasons, I found more real strength.

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