The Pathology Behind the Lie

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  1. Those are incredible similarities.

    • libternship says:

      Yep! It took me a while to realize the jeopardy my ex was willing to put me. (after proclaiming that he would ‘die for me’) My ex’s mistress (and my supposed ‘friend’… I know, the classic mistress story… goes to show the depth of deceit these disordered individuals will go to) had stabbed my ex in his arm. Of course, at the time I was given a different story for the deep gash that probably merited a stitch or two. Subsequently during the ‘reveal’ of the affair my ex also told me that one night the mistress had come to our home/neighborhood late one evening with a gun! Where was I? Obliviously asleep! Imagine if for some reason if I would have awaken from my ignorant slumber (literally and figuratively) and discovered the two of them outside only to set off a panic! I may have become an unwitting victim of a shooting, or murder- suicide! (That’s how these events unfold when there is a love triangle.)
      After my abandoned the marriage for the mistress, I felt a sense fear like never before ( I was literally trembling from all the adrenaline coursing through my veins) and re-activated the home monitoring system. Prior to my knowledge of the real reason behind my troubled marriage, I had made arrangements to be gone all summer in order to distance myself so that I could gain perspective on what I should do. This turned out to be the best decision as several weeks later, my ex called ME in a panic after the mistress stabbed him again! (He was gasping and told me that she had stabbed him in the heart!)
      Of course I believed him after seeing the wound on his arm the first time, followed by the gun totting story…Out of concern for his safety, I called in a domestic dispute with the local authorities on his behalf. Only to have him cover, deny and lie for her to the police and subsequently before a judge. As I was safely 100’s of miles from home, I may have been spared yet again from a jealous-crazed. knife/gun wielding mistress.
      The mistress ended up loosing or ‘giving’ up custody of her son as a result of the domestic incident. Yet, my ex remained living with her for another year! I feel lucky to have gotten out of that marriage alive. I now see my divorce as a blessing!!!

  2. One word, a narcissist?

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