Are You Putting Out Fires That Aren’t Your Own?

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  1. kimmay7 says:

    This was so me. It wasn’t until there was a lot of distance that I realized how far it had gone. Very well stated!!

  2. rifeparent says:

    I work in health care, and so many of us are very caring people, trying to rescue everyone. Your post beautifully describes the pitfalls of this, and what we need to do instead. Thank you for your insight!

  3. Brilliant post, transference is what we often do, look at so eone elses problems rather than our own, because that is easier to do rather than see the answer to our own problems that we don’t want to see.

    I often say you have bad weather friends rather than fair weather friends, because when ghings are going bad for you it makes others feel better about their own troubles, because they can feel sorry for you instead!


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