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Update and a New Podcast

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I had a dream come true last week. For almost twenty years, I’ve been online-stalking tropical yoga retreats. And last year, when I saw a women’s trip to Costa Rica listed on the event board of my favorite yoga studio (AND it was being led by my favorite instructors!), I decided to take the plunge and sign up.


And I’m SO glad I did. Every minute of last week’s trip to the beautiful Pacific town of Nosara was magical, from zip lining across forest valleys to meditating solo in a huge outdoor shala overlooking the trees during a sunset thunderstorm. The women were amazing, the yoga restorative, the locals warm and welcoming, and the monkeys wildly entertaining.


I don’t usually do things like this for myself (“It’s too expensive.” “I don’t have the time.” “It’s not practical.”) And I did have moments of guilt during the trip (“Are my students okay?” “I could have spent this money elsewhere.” “I’ve left my husband with all the household stuff.”), but I realized that letting those thoughts intrude only negated the investment of time and money. If I was going to do it, I needed to DO it.


So I did. And I recommend that you give yourself the gift of enjoying your dreams when you can make them happen. Guilt free. It’s okay to step away sometimes and take care of yourself.

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I received a surprise message from one of the women this morning (who was unknown to me before the trip). She started listening to a podcast she subscribes to and was shocked when she realized I was the guest. Small world:)

Here’s the new podcast and if ever get a chance to go to Costa Rica, do so and tell the monkeys that Lisa says “hi.”



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3 thoughts on “Update and a New Podcast

      1. Lol. That’s good. Very good piece by the way…I would have never thought of breaking a journal down into three sections – that’s a wonderful idea. I’ve always used a journal to put all my bad stuff in, like my hurt, pain and disappointment but not realizing that it actually could be the beginning of something bad have a rainbow ending, plus it’s also good to see where you were and how you overcame those processes. Loved it and Thanks for Sharing!!

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