My Restorative Introvert Cave

I’ve always been drawn to small, enclosed spaces. As a child, I would play (and sleep) in appliance boxes that I decorated and filled with blankets and pillows.

I’ve felt very over-taxed and over-stimulated this school year and could tell that I needed to get serious about my self-care. I have a dormer in my home office that has been my meditation nook for a few years, but with its view of my workspace, I tended to be distracted by what I needed to get done.

So, last weekend, I added some curtains (to block the view of the computer) and stocked up on T.J.Maxx pillows to make the floor inviting. The combination of soft light, fluffy pillows and incense is like a dose of instant calm.

Now, if I could just figure out a way to have one of these in my classroom 🙂

Thank you for sharing!

2 thoughts on “My Restorative Introvert Cave

  1. Mommytimesthree – Hello all, I'm the happy single mom of three beautiful young ladies. After many ups and downs following my divorce in 2010, I am at a place of peace and excitement about life. Living in a home that I own, having a full-filling job that speaks to my passions (social work/helping other) and raising three of the greatest kids on earth makes each day amazing. There is still so much more that I would like to do and that includes sharing this journey with others. I've just started trying to live a more minimalist life for many reasons. Finding joy in "things" only leads to a search for more. Life is about having experiences, not stuff. I've gotten rid of lots of physical things which has created more room for growth. My oldest daughter is about to leave for college soon, so that will be yet another journey. It will be bitter sweet letting go of this sweet young lady since she has been somewhat of a partner through living without a spouse. However, I've raised her to be her own person and I'm looking forward to her flying out into the world. We raise our kids to leave, but we have to get prepared for the void left behind in our own lives. Writing has always allowed me express myself, like all of you. I look forward to sharing my story and reading about yours. Let's do this together!
    Mommytimesthree says:

    As a fellow introvert, I totally understand the feeling. Solitude is greatly needed.

  2. I’m not an introvert, but do benefit from similar experiences. I have a window alcove thing that could benefit from a similar curtain treatment to minimize the distractions too.

    Thanks for sharing that!

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