Does Time Heal All Wounds?

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  1. Great post and great points.

  2. Barbara Bruner says:

    It’s been 2 years since my divorce and time has definitely allowed me to process, change my environment and begin to build new dreams. Matter of fact…I just had a “moving on” party with those silver and gold friends who have been such a part of my moving forward with my life. One of the things we did is went around and had each person (using the alphabet in order) tell me something I can take with me into my new life. I had such great and thoughtful words come out, such as joy, wisdom, money, wine…fun and serious items…but all thoughtful. Yes…time does make a difference in how we process the effects of a divorce.

  3. To me, “time” does not heal all wounds. In fact, time does not heal anything, however how we change the personal interpretive “Meanings” of those hurtful events and what they “Mean” about me … about the other person … and about life, the universe and God, now there is the trans-formative secret to all of humanity’s emotional issues.

    Viktor Frankel really got it. Too bad his genius is so rarely recognized or appreciated.

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