This Year, I’m Ready

Today marks my last day before the start of the next school year.

And this year, I’m ready.

I’ve had an opportunity to disconnect this summer. To slow down and uni-task. Lots of writing. Tons of yoga. Meditation without the worry of getting to work on time. And it’s amazing how restorative a little time away can be.

I’ve been able to travel so that I won’t feel envious when I hear of other’s summer adventures. Instead, I carry with me the fond memories of my adventures and my opportunities to reconnect with friends and family. And I have more travel on the calendar during the school year, much-needed breaks that I didn’t get last year.

I made a realistic goal list for myself for the summer weeks and I either accomplished all of it (I got the book done!) or intentionally put it on hold. As a result, I feel relaxed about the balancing act between school and writing.

In just a few short days, I’ll get to meet my new 6th graders (and start the “training” process all over again…I need coffee just thinking about it!) and I’ll get to see my known 7th and 8th graders again. I’m excited to see where we can go this year. Last year, the first for this school and this program, was successful. Now, we have a foundation built. That was the hard work. This should be the more fun part.

I’m not sure how much is due to keeping a daily gratitude journal this month (a habit I need to make sure I maintain once the days get crazy!), but I’m feeling grateful on this last day of break. Grateful for the time to spend my energy other directions and grateful to be returning to a job where I can make a difference (and play with math, which I promise is not an oxymoron!).

The food prep is done. The clothes laid out. And the bags of new school supplies are staged for the car. I’m refusing to check my work emails and staying present in today.

Even as I’m getting excited for tomorrow.

Because this year, I’m ready.


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