A Note of Gratitude

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  1. No.Spam says:

    thank YOU!

  2. Cynthia Walton says:

    It’s been wonderful to watch you grow and heal through the years. I remember the way you were that day in the I-20 rest area and to see you so strong and happy makes me happy.

  3. Jodi Carter says:

    While I responded only a few times, you have made such a difference in my life these last years. I am just a few months behind you in my gaslighting experience. While it may have not been as dramatic (no bigamy) it was definitely similar in surprise. While I have not made quite the same progress as you in moving on, I have found your words supportive and a light in some dark times. Many thanks, Lisa. You have made an incredible difference to me. Keep on writing, Mrs. Math Teacher…your insight and way with words keeps me going.

  4. Helen says:

    So thankful for this blog. I may not always comment but your posts are inspiring and comforting- so nice to know I am not alone in this journey……

  5. Ri says:

    Lisa, you’re a rock star! (That’s my highest compliment😎😉😆)
    Seriously, thank you for having courage and strength, and sharing your story and insight. You are kind and thoughtful and so appreciated.
    You’re amazing.

    • stilllearning2b says:

      And humbled:) Thank you for your amazing words. And I’ll do you the favor of being a rockstar that doesn’t sing!

  6. Ri says:

    Bwuahaha 💛

  7. Oh Lisa you have changed so many lives and eased the terror and grief. Without you I would have had a hard time finding my own voice and finding hand and foot holds as I navigated my own experience. Thank you for being so generous with your feelings and your guidance.

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