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7 thoughts on “The Three Things I HATED to Hear During Divorce

  1. I heard “now is the time to work on you”…as if him leaving me meant something was wrong with me. From the same “friend” who would then go hang out with ex and his mistress. Makes me sick to think of it.

  2. One thing that I heard early on that seems to ring true — you have no idea what you about to go through. I thought I did have a good idea of what it would be like and thought I was prepared financially and emotionally, but there have been a few bumps that were impossible to prepare for.

  3. I hate, and still hate, hearing these two:
    “At least you didn’t have kids.”
    (Please don’t pretend to understand my feelings on not having children with the man I married at 24 and divorced at 30. it’s kind of like they’re pointing out one more thing that didn’t go as planned.)
    “But there’s someone out there for you!”
    (After the emotional trauma of the last two years the last thing I can wrap my head around is looking for “the one” 🙄)

  4. “Better now than later” or “at least you’re still young”. These didn’t piss me off per se, because the people saying it meant well and they *were* right. But it kind of got my goat every time because I felt like well, sure, but that doesn’t help me feel any better RIGHT NOW. You’re right, buuut I just got dumped by the woman I loved and was committed to regardless of how long we were together, regardless of our ages, etc.

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