Living the Adventure

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  1. Caterina Arends says:

    Love it! You had the habit of counting things from as early as I can remember:-) Ah, meant to be a math teacher !

    On Sat, Jun 10, 2017 at 12:54 PM Lessons From the End of a Marriage wrote:

    > stilllearning2b posted: “I just got back from my grand road trip > adventure. It was a blast! Here’s the trip in images and numbers: 25 – > The number of years since I had seen the friend I traveled with. 7 – The > number of days we were on the road. 4,600 – The number ” >

  2. Patrick says:

    Wow! Sounds like an awesome road trip. I love the light house with the dark blue sky. ☺️ Stunning.

  3. nsymns says:

    Definitely a very most AWESOME trip and adventure!! I saved this to read for when I needed a little “UP” in my time! Perfect! Your energy is so contagious!! Any plans for your friend to come visit you? That would be great, too!!

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