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2 thoughts on “Letting Go of the Fear of Abandonment 

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you feel that feeling has left you. It’s one of the most difficult to deal with. Still is for me, but not just because of my ex, but the people I loved and still love, that I have felt had abandoned me in my worst times, who I’ve yet to speak to almost 5 years from separation then divorce, with the crazy making and smear campaign of a narcissist was in full steam. I’m not giving up hope. The people I care deeply about are my own grown biological daughter from a first marriage and 3 young granddaughters, (innocent pawns), that I’ve still not seen in nearly 5 years.
    I’ve kept silent this entire time after the initial shock that my ex, (her now ex step dad), was able to convince her that I’m the person, that he in fact really is. Amazing how they can completely turn the tables on people, but I know it’s possible because I learned I never knew him after all our years together. The others I don’t care about, but my daughter and I were always close, and I’m praying she’ll see it for what it really was and just come to me so we can talk. I still feel that she abandoned me without as much as a question. I’d love for that feeling to fade and the love to
    re-enter a relationship we can go forward with.
    Thanks Lisa. Love Tiger. Dogs are the best. Mine included.

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