Dumping Dysfunction

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  1. Dawn says:

    My counselor has told me this time and time again when ever I would complain about the kind of men I was attracting. Ugh…but yes it’s true. As soon as I stepped back and was able to see where I was emotionally things started to change. As soon as I got clear with what I wanted, and what I didn’t, and spoke my truth to the man I cared about…things changed. He stepped up and I believe that is because I stepped back and stopped settling for less than I wanted.

    We tend to have the hardest time looking inward and seeing where we need to work. It seems like everyone would rather put all their energy into trying to change the person in front of us instead of the person inside of us. Not sure how to get more people on board with that one…seems like even when they see it in action they still choose to walk the same self destructive path. Eventually it’s just time to accept that I will do me, and you do you…

  2. nsymns says:

    Another perfect analogy, as always.
    Dysfunctional people must and usually do find the other “sock” so to speak, that “fits” what they’re lacking.
    I saw me there. I saw the old other half there, as well. I’m grateful I know that and the areas I need major work on fixing myself, or at the very least, knowing how and why I made those huge life mistakes, is the best way I know to be in touch with who I am and what I must work on within myself, as said in the above reply by Dawn, so well. By making those changes I need to make in me first, then I’ll have a better chance of being able to feel complete by myself, and not expecting someone else to fill my voids where I’ve failed before. There’s a quote that says to use your failures as stepping stones; I feel that’s a good way to think about it for myself, and maybe someone else, too.

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