I Do: Why Choosing the Right Person Is Only the Beginning

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  1. I know what you are saying and I only want to add specifically that you also have to choose who and how you will be the next time around. I know this is what you are partially saying but I feel emphasis on this is critical. I am so grateful for the time alone and forced reflecting on myself and what I would have done differently. Had I been different it might have been different…although I do also believe I chose the wrong partner. It is complicated and simple isn’t it?

  2. Dybsy says:

    I take a year break from blogging and you are as insightful as always. Well written!

  3. I feel your house analogy, yet(yet is not as bad as the ‘but’ that could have come here… yet implies for me here that I am experiencing a different angle where If I had used but, I would be disagreeing with the premise of the analogy. I do agree, yet I see something different) the house analogy implies ‘something we buy’ and something we buy and ‘can fix up’.

    I have learned that I cannot fix anyone else other than myself. So for me e house fixing analogy leads me down a codependent path of trying to manage the chaos of someone else’s flaws.

    That path does not work for me and ends in misery.

    I can work on myself.

    Knowing this, I need a different analogy, or a slight twist on the analogy.(I love analogies)

    Maybe it is one where two people bring two tiny houses together, maybe the cargo container type that can be stacked and configured in cool layouts.

    Each has its own unique things and helps to complete a larger ‘home'(not a house but a home). The thing is each person only has the ability and access to fix up their part of the home, as magic enters into the analogy and causes any attempts to ‘fix’ the tiny house part brought by their partner to backfire and screw shit up!

    An amazing synergy can come from the combination, and the home stays in balance if both members are actively working to keep up their part of the home. The home stays in balance if neither partner attempts to ‘fix’ the other partner’s area, which would trigger the magic that causes an unfix…

    Just an idea and thank you for the inspiration!

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