The Five Most Important Characteristics For a Successful Marriage (or Remarriage)

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  1. I am going through a process of self-discovery as my marriage is falling apart. I realize that I was a dark lost soul. I realize that if we lose our zest for life, then its very difficult to inspire any kind of love and happiness in others.

    The irony is that now I have to re-emerge strong, positive, and somehow happy, after the worst has happened.

    I do think about the things that made my marriage difficult. I suppose it was many many things. But I look to the future, and try to think about things that would take to save my seemingly doomed marriage.

    • It’s a cruel truth that often the worst situations bring out the best in us. Maybe the changes you’re making will save your marriage. And maybe not. But they’re worthwhile regardless. Keep going:)

  2. I love this! Well written and very wise!

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