If It Doesn’t Have a Solution, It’s Not a Problem

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  1. I genuinely needed to read this today, thank you! This is exactly the struggle that I just wrote about. I keep telling myself there’s no further reason to puzzle because I can’t solve it. Great post!

  2. Patrick says:

    That is always a difficult place to be when you just need someone to listen and not try to fix the problem. It you have not seen “It’s

  3. Patrick says:

    …not about the nail”, it might explain why we men, who naturally try to fix things, do what we do. 🙃

  4. Hope says:

    Oh yes! Both my mother and my husband do this when midriff the time I just went to vent a little or I’ve already figured it out and am telling the story. I’ve begun starting the conversation with “I’ve already figured it out so I don’t need advice”.

  5. tallrachel says:

    Yep something for me to ponder as I am ‘solution-focused’…

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