Forget New Year’s Resolutions! Resolve What’s Eating You Inside

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  1. em4mighty says:

    i have never ever understood or done new year’s resolutions, probably because i consider myself a “work in progress & try (and sometimes fail) every day to improve myself. this works better for me, and often i do succeed in what i am aiming for. it is more difficult (& more defeating?) to try to do all the tweaking at once rather than spreading it out to the every day.

  2. Patrick says:

    1. No, I do not make resolutions.
    2. I’m doing great…life is good.
    3. It is just another day. Keeping an even keel.
    4. No resolution, no failure. Keeping my eyes looking forward (block all of the ex-wife and ex-family phone numbers brings peace of mind). The past 30 years are behind me and a better life is ahead…one day at a time.

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